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Welcome to the Liccardi Lab

Our work focuses on the interplay between cell death and inflammation and its ability to shape tissue homeostasis and pathophysiological diseases. Importantly, we are interested in understanding how genetic instability further modulates this relationship and how this impacts the development and treatment of different cancer entities. Our lab comprises international and national scientists and we support equality for every gender (including LGBTQIAX), religion and race. We stand strong on the principle of scientific integrity and professional conduct as well as with the intent of creating an intercative and collaborative environment where students and staff can excel maintaining a healthy mental, personal and professional balance. 

Figure 1: Complex II-mediated apoptosis and necroptosis. The figure shows the different components of  Complex II and how they mediate the different modalities of cell death. Morphological characteristics of both Apoptosis and Necroptosis are shown via electron microscopy acquired images.

Figure 2: Assessment of mitotic abnormalities in tissues (skin) obtained from the conditional deletion of Casp8 in keratinocytes (Casp8EKO). The images show mitotic cells (as determined by IHC staining of p-H-H3) in WT  and in Casp8EKO mice. 

Figure 3: Intestinal organoids derived from the intestine of mice where Ripk1 was conditionally deleted in intestinal epithelial cells (Ripk1IEC-KO).  The image shows the destruction of tissue architecture as a consequence of the accumulation of mitotic abnormalities.