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Scientific member of the Center for Biochemistry passed away

Mourning for Dr. Markus Plomann

The University Hospital of Cologne and the Faculty of Medicine are deeply saddened by the loss of Priv.-Doz. Dr Markus Plomann, who died suddenly and unexpectedly on 4 April 2024 at the age of 66. Dr Plomann was a long-time researcher and group leader at the Center for Biochemistry at the Faculty of Medicine. His colleagues are full of sympathy and their thoughts are with his grieving relatives in these difficult days.

"Markus Plomann joined the then newly founded Institute of Biochemistry II back in 1996 and made a significant contribution to the success of the institute with his always positive manner," says his former supervisor Prof. em. Dr Mats Paulsson. "Markus was very active in research, but also a very motivated lecturer. He was particularly interested in supporting young scientists; Markus put his heart and soul into supervising many students and doctoral theses. We are very grateful to Markus for all of this," emphasises Prof. Paulsson.

In his research career Markus Plomann significantly contributed to the interdisciplinary field of endocytosis, endocytic recycling and the actin cytoskeleton with a big focus on neurodegenerative disorders such as Huntington’s disease.

"We are deeply saddened to lose Markus, not only as a valued colleague, but also as a good friend," says Prof Dr Marius Lemberg on behalf of all members of the Centre for Biochemistry.

A book of condolence will be available in the foyer of the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne (Building 66) until 30 April 2024.