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About the Nüchel Lab

Over the past years, modulating the extracellular matrix (ECM) homeostasis  has emerged as a possible means to decelerate the progression of a wide variety of diseases. Blocking collagen secretion has been shown to be useful in the treatment of certain fibrotic diseases, but the main problem is the lack of specificity and activation of undesirable effects. In general, the research of my lab aims to understand the posttranslational mechanisms governing the secretion and homeostasis of ECM on a spatiotemporal level, how this is affected in human diseases and ageing, and explore possible modulations of ECM homeostasis as potential targets. We are interested in determining the physiological consequences of ECM trafficking dysfunction and how this influences cell physiology, tissue function and regeneration in general. My intention is that with our work, we could uncover novel insights into secretory pathway and ECM biology, as structures in cell and tissue homeostasis, leading to pharmacological approaches against connective tissue disorders and ageing.