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Welcome to the Paulsson/Schiavinato Lab!

Collagen VI microfibrils are widespread in the human body and, in particular, in the extracellular matrix of musculoskeletal tissues. Mutations in the genes that encode collagen VI cause muscular dystrophy and collagen VI is overexpressed in the articular cartilage of patients with osteoarthritis. One proteolytic fragment of collagen VI, endotrophin, has been described to serve as a potent adipokine, that contributes to tumor growth, fibrosis, inflammation and insulin resistance. The unusual structure of collagen VI contains only a short triple helix and, predominantly, globular von Willebrand-factor type-A (VWA) domains. Three different polypeptide chains combine intra- und extracellularly in a complex sequence of interactions and proteolytic cleavages to form the secreted 2200 kDa tetramer of monomeric trimers.

We study the structure and assembly of collagen VI, in part at atomic resolution. The purpose is to understand pathomechanisms of collagen VI-dependent musculoskeletal diseases. This may allow future therapeutic approaches. We further study the release, cell binding, cellular uptake and effects of biologically active fragments of collagen VI, such as endotrophin. We want to understand the signaling functions of collagen VI and lay a better foundation for the use of collagen VI fragments as biomarkers for human disease.

Selected publications

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