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Selected Publications

  1. Janes, V., Grabany, S., Delbrouck, J., Vincent, S.P., Gottschalk, J., Elling, L., Hanisch, F.G. (2020) Fluorinated Galactoses Inhibit Galactose-1-Phosphate Uridyltransferase and Metabolically Induce Galactosemia-like Phenotypes in HEK-293 Cells. Cells. 9, 607.
  2. Hanisch, F.G., Hansman, G.S., Morozov, V., Kunz, C., and Schroten, H. (2018) Avidity of a-fucose on human milk oligosaccharides and blood group-unrelated oligo/polyfucoses is essential for potent norovirus-binding targets. J. Biol. Chem. 293, 11955-11965.
  3. Staubach, S., Wenzel, A., Beck, B.B., Rinschen, M.M., Müller, S., and Hanisch, F.G. (2018) Autosomal Tubulointerstitial Kidney Disease-MUC1 Type: Differential proteomics suggests that mutated MUC1 (insC) affects vesicular transport in renal epithelial cells. Proteomics. 18, e1700456.
  4. Wenzel, A., Altmueller, J., Ekici, A.B., Popp, B., Stueber, K., Thiele, H., Pannes, A., Staubach, S., Salido, E., Nuernberg, P., Reinhardt, R., Reis, A., Rump, P., Hanisch, F.G., Wolf, M.T.F., Wiesener, M., Huettel, B., and Beck, B.B. (2018) Single molecule real time sequencing in ADTKD-MUC1 allows complete assembly of the VNTR and exact positioning of causative mutations. Sci Rep. 8, 4170
  5. Staubach, S., Müller, S., Pekmez, M., and Hanisch, F.G. (2017) Classical galactosemia: Insight into molecular pathomechanisms by differential membrane proteomics of fibroblasts under galactose stress. J. Proteome Res. 16, 516-527.
  6. Chalick, M., Jacobi, O., Pichinuk, E., Garbar, C., Bensussan, A., Meeker, A., Ziv, R., Zehavi, T., Smorodinsky, N.I., Hilkens, J., Hanisch, F.G., Rubinstein, D.B., and Wreschner, D.H. (2016) MUC1-ARF-A novel MUC1 protein that resides in the nucleaus and is expressed by alternative reading frame translation of MUC1 mRNA. PLoS One 11, e0165031
  7. Schroten, H., Hanisch, F.G., and Hansmann, G.S. (2016) Human norovirus interactions with histo-blood group antigens and human milk oligosaccharides. J. Virol. 90, 5855-5859
  8. Staubach, S., Pekmez, M., and Hanisch, F.G. (2016) Differential proteomics of urinary exovesicles from classical galactosemic patients reveals subclinical kidney insufficiency. J. Proteome Res. 15, 1754-1761
  9. Bonar, D., Hanisch, F.-G. (2014) Trefoil Factor Family domains represent highly efficient conformational determinants for N-linked N,N'-di-N-acetyllactosediamine (LacdiNAc) synthesis. J. Biol. Chem. 289, 29677-29690
  10. Hanisch, F.G., Bonar, D., Schloerer, N., Schroten, H. (2014) Human Trefoil Factor 2 is a lectin that binds α-GlcNAc-capped mucin glycans with antibiotic activity against Helicobacter pylori. J. Biol. Chem. 289, 27363-27375